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Beautiful Wolves : Out of interest, what are the colour variations of...

Colour variations per wolf species:

- Gray wolves (Canis lupus)
can have coat colours or colour combinations ranging from black, grey,
white (though never a “pure”, bright white as seen in domestic dogs),
brown, blonde, “silver”, reddish/orange. The Gray wolf has a lot of
subspecies, and each subspecies has it’s own variation in colour. Some
can come in all colours named above, whereas other Gray wolf subspecies
for example only come in white.

If you want to know the coat colour possibilities of a certain Gray wolf subspecies, you can easily find that online.

Some colour possibilities in Gray wolves:

imageEntirely black [X]

imageBlack and grey [X]

imageDifferent shades of grey [X]

imageVery light grey [X]

imageHigh contrast [X]

imageLittle contrast [X]

imageGrey white black brown [X]

imageBrown/reddish with whites and blacks [X]

imageBrown and black with some greys [X]

imageBrown and black [X]

imageLight brownish/sandish [X]

imageBlonde/yellowish [X]

imageSilverish [X]

imageWhite [X]

imageWhite with some grey and/or black variations [X]

- Red wolves (Canis rufus)
always have a combination of the colours orange/reddish, brown and
grey, with black markings, along with some white parts and some black
parts like in the tip of their tail:


- Ethiopian wolves (Canis simensis) are orange with white, with some grey/brown and black markings:


of the depicted coat colours above of course can have lots of
variations - especially the darkness/brightness and contrast. No wolf
looks the same. It’s very difficult to map out all the different
possibilities, but this gives a good overview.

Also, here’s a nice chart with pictures of some wolf subspecies that shows the typical coat colour for each subspecies.

Beautiful Wolves : Out of interest, what are the colour variations of...

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