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Sandra Sexton | Bazoom Burlesque



Born in Havana, Cuba, Sandra Sexton started with show business in her
family, which owned one of the world’s most famous night clubs, the
beautiful and exotic Tropicana. This
early baptism helps us to understand why even as a child, Sandra felt
attracted to the glimmer and lights of show business.

In 1959 with the advent of the Cuban revolution… Sandra and her
family left Cuba for the US. With her arrival it was not long before she
started performing as a chorus dancer around the Miami area where their
had emigrated. However, with her stunning good looks and fabulous
figure, Sandra was was clearly NOT destined to the obscurity of the
background but up front and center as a featured attraction. As Sandra
worked hard, gained confidence, and perfected her act…. she was soon
spotted by the top Burlesque agents of her time. Promptly signed to a
profitable career as a headliner in that field, she emerged fro the
background to becoming a very sought after act within the industry as a
bonofide STAR !

Sandra Sexton’s first contracts were in the North of the country and
throughout Canada. New Orleans, specifically world famous Bourbon
Street, came calling and hsitory was made. Ms. Sexton accepted an
indefinite contract to perform at the famous 500 Club as the resident
star of its cabaret show.

History: The 500 Club was the premiere Cabaret in a street full of
luxurious night spots. Nothing like today, the nightclubs on bourbon
Street were lovely places where the lighting, live bands, and excellent
entertainment lured thousads dressed in evening attire and expecting
great entertainement. just to the left of Louis Prima’s 500 was the AL
HIRT Night Club where Al Hirt played nightly when not on tour. Across
the street and on the opposing corner from the 500 Club, was another
legendary New Orleans nightspot: CHRIS OWENS and her famous Night Club, a
very popular attraction with great pancache and the place to be seen
and see when in New Orleans. Two blocks away was the ultra elegant
SHO-BAR LOUNGE which featured the top names in Burlesque that toured the
road…. And last but not least behind the 500 the legendary Johnny
Rivers opened his own night club where he also played in when not on the
road. When Rivers was out of town figures like Fats Domino would take
residence. All these clubs catered to couples and ladies were allowed to
come in alone or in groups. These clubs were a far cry from today’s
« Gentlemen Clubs ».

The 500 Club had been the home to legends like the breathtaking Lilly
Christine, « THE CAT GIRL OF BOURBON STREET » (one of burlesque’s most
famous all time stars). Later came Kalantan,The beautiful exotic star
famous for her body…in fact she was called « the Heavenly body »…and
last but not least the « Cupid Doll » herself: tiny, curvaceous and
simply drop dead gorgeous Linda Brigitte….a woman as legendary in New
Orleans as Bourbon Street itself… And a HUGE draw at the500 for years.
Who could be next to join this Olympus of talent and beauty? By
selecting Sandra Sexton as its next resident star; the management of the
500 Club clearly understood that Miss Sexton had ample talent and looks
to fill some very, very tall heels!! With herbeauty and talent, she did
not disappoint. This made Sandra a very special personality, as there
were very few stars that had a permanent home during those years…. An
honor that was shared coincidentally by two other beautiful performers
also born in Cuba: Heaven Lee, in Memphis and Julie Mist, in Orlando.
Most Burlesque and cabaret performers traveled on the road with very
successful careers. It is safe to say that the last bastion of Burlesque
was likely monopolized by beautiful Cuban girls. On the scene at that
time along with Sandra, Heaven Lee and Julie, there was also the famous
Ann Corio discovery: Gina Bon Bon. Gina, beautiful to die for! Also,
Candy Baby and EZ Rider, were also famous all over the country and
heating up the lights fantastic. It is also fair to say that at that
time, were several other beautiful and talented dancers from many
nationalities …. stars in their own right with a great following on the
circuit. But whether on the road on in residence Sandra was acknowledged
even by her peers to be simply exquisite. In face, figure, showmanship
and taste Miss Sexton was always a very hard if not impossible act to

Sandra Sexton was a New Orleans legend and filled the 500 Club for
years every night with lines that extended around the block. It ws not
hard to surmise why she garnished one of the highest salaries payed
stars in her field.

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Sandra Sexton | Bazoom Burlesque

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